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KIS/Orion understands the stress that searching for the next career move or contract job can bring to you. Through solid lines of communication we succeed in minimising this as far as is possible by keeping you informed and helping you prepare for all interviews – equipping you with as much information and guidance as possible.

KIS/Orion will respect your privacy and will never share your personal details with any client or other third party without your express consent.

We will also not re-write or alter your CV unless you specifically ask for our help (if your CV is not suitable and clarification does not change that situation we will simply tell you). Furthermore we will, at all times offer the best possible advice to ensure that you are fully informed.

However, as informative as we hope this site is, there is no substitute to talking with one of our specialists – please call us for an informal conversation about how we can help you.

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About KIS/Orion LLP

KIS/Orion LLP is a Kazakh company formed in November 2001 and we are specialists in Recruitment and Manpower Supply. KIS/Orion LLP now has an annual turnover of $70 million and core staff of 50 that manages an even split of over 800 local and expatriate contractors from the Headquarters based in Atyrau.

Work in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located at the heart of the Eurasian continent, at crossroads of trade routes between Asia and Europe. Kazakhstan borders Russia in the east, north and northwest, Central Asian countries — Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan — in the south, and China in the southeast. The country’s geographic location determines its foreign policy priorities — the development of strategic partnership with Russia and China.

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